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ICT – Market Research & Strategic advisory

Our research provides in detail global industry analysis, insights into emerging technologies and other cutting-edge technology developments that are driving creation of newer products and services in the areas of information and communication technology.

Our teams of industry experts monitor technology areas such as data analytics, cloud services, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality, Haamru, cyber security, edge computing and robotics process automation. Further to strengthen, we also closely monitor vertical markets and emerging sectors to provide a 360 ° view of the ICT Industry.

Disruptive Technology Services:

Disruptive technologies Service embodies the latest in emerging technologies and offers extraordinary strategic growth channels and opportunities to its users. . The various elements and core values of this research are based on a highly selective collection of emerging and disruptive technologies and innovations that are likely to the world in the near future.

Technology Innovation services:

Detailed analysis of companies doing ground-breaking work intop technologies space.

Series of articles profiling opportunities of technologies scenarios.

Series We Cover: Inside R&D | Network Security | Automotive & Transport | Computing & Communication Technology

Technology Research Services:

Our research team monitors and provide competitive scenarios, Patents and market potential for emerging technologies. Our analysts gather information on R&D, investment and deployment across industry sectors.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Inteligent Transportation
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Design Treatment Plants

Big data Analytics

  • Collision avoidance and accident reduction
  • Preventive maintenance in manufacturing
  • Adaptive learning for education


  • Intelligent health monitoring platform
  • In-vehicle behavioural analytics
  • Voice over internet field communications


  • Smart Contracts for Legal Industry
  • Digital Renewable Energy Credits
  • Mobile Identity Management Solution for Travel Industry

Hyper converge Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Container based application Management

Cyber security

  • Bring-your-own-device protection
  • Cloud data security
  • Network access control
  • IoT Security

Mixed Reality

  • Training simulation and augmented battlefields
  • Neuro-rehabilitation in healthcare
  • Photo-realism and virtual tourism

Edge Computing

  • Distributed Information Architecture
  • Data processing at cloud